By Audra LaRay

This was a big year for fashion and trends. I call these styles “trends”, not “fads”, because I believe we will see them in 2015 as well.

Going through my closet and my photos, and looking around me, there are some distinct trends that were brought to light in 2014. In the beginning of 2014, winter-spring 2014, lace was a big deal. I even wore a lace dress for our New Year’s party! People were wearing it the classic way – simple, elegant. Others were making lace casual by throwing a jean jacket on top of it. Either way, lace is gorgeous and will never go out of style.

As this transitioned into the spring and summer months, I saw that lace turned into crochet styles. Maybe it’s how minimalistic it is, maybe it’s part of the Eco-movement back into the 70’s style; regardless, crochet items will stay in style, at least in Florida, because of our beach lifestyles.

Into the fall months, you couldn’t go into a store without seeing leather leggings or coated-denim that looked like leather. In my opinion, this is a tricky trend because it is not always flattering, but it is popular nonetheless.

Another thing that resurfaced heavily was prints and patterns. Everyone was wearing cheetah print instead of the zebra print trend, and we had transitioned to more intricate animal patterns. Tribal print became a big hit during the summer: tribal bathing suits, shirts, bandeaus, skirts, etc. Tribal print was everywhere, as was the idealistic “free spirit” that is attached to such patterns. Floral print began to surface in the summer, along with flowered headbands and statement necklaces, bringing us back, once again, to the seventies.

Monochrome and neutral outfits were a big hit all year long. Black jeans, black tank, and an off-white blazer with nude heels – that’s all I saw on my newsfeed for weeks! This outfit leads me into my next trend : the return of the classic blazer. Black Blazers were put on over a simple colored tank with black heels – creating an instant classic work outfit.

Jean jackets were also worn on top of bandeaus, crop tops, tanks, and even silk shirts to create an effortless casual look.

Two-Piece Separates rose to fame once again from the 80’s..

High-waisted jeans are definitely a huge trend that is here to stay for a while. In south Florida, girls in college will wear high waisted pants or shorts and a crop top or bandeau as their top. I think this is effortlessly sexy, re-branded mostly by

Guess, and I believe it is here to stay.

Well, 2014 was quite the year in fashion. So many trends from previous decades were made popular once again, making 2014 one of our most fashionable years.

Always Fashionable,

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