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Packing for vacation tips brought to you by #ErinToland of #Zindigo in her latest #ZindigoDaily article. Warm weather clothing for those who are suffering cold weather blues! #JayGodfrey dresses for evening, #KAS maxi dresses for cocktails by the pool, a pleated #Raoul skirt for a classic daytime look and top it all off with a #TracyWatts Joplin fedoraIt’s January, which means it’s cold as s#*& here in NYC. It’s obnoxiously cold.
It’s fully-bundled-for-the-arctic, shoulders-shrugged-against-the-wind and burning ears kind of cold. Which is why most New Yorkers tend to split for the south. It’s either head somewhere warm, or stock up on Prozac and let that “seasonal depression” move right in. So I closed my eyes, spun the globe and dropped my finger right on…Miami.

My bestie Brijit, who resides in Los Angeles, said; “75 and sunny every day is so cliché. Let’s try 80 and sunny.” So, in about two weeks we’ll rendezvous at the Raleigh Hotel (a very classic staple of SBE) for four glorious days. A short, rejuvenating jaunt to South Beach with my best girlfriend. Just what the doctor ordered.

Since we booked our trip, most of our conversations have been dominated by how many different outfit changes will be absolutely necessary. Because there’s nothing better than overpacking and changing three or four times in one day. I’m serious. Fortunately for Brijit, she lives in a warm climate so she already has a good foundation of short things and tank tops. I on the other hand (due to the nature of apartment sizes in NYC and my penchant for shopping), actually pack up my summer clothes and ship them out for the season. So alas, I must go shopping.

First things first, I needed a loud, sexy dress to shake-it-off on the dance floor. I ended up going with this leopard print, drop waist Jay Godfrey Diddley Dress number. Because nothing says Miami like leopard print. Second, I obviously needed something to sip brightly colored cocktails in by the pool, so I went with this colorful, very low v-neck Sita Maxi Dress from KAS. Pair that with some big bright wedges and mama’s gettin a free drink. I needed a nice classic daytime look too – think drinking rosé at a café under a big striped umbrella. That inspiration led me to this gorgeous Pleated Midi Skirt from Raoul. That skirt with a black crop top. HELLO!!! I filled in the gaps with some staples: shorts, tees and sandals. And the pièce de résistance, this amazing handmade Joplin Fedora from Tracy Watts. Miami, look out!

At least I have something to look forward to as I trudge through the wintry mix on 5th Ave- two girls, whooping it up in South Beach, lookin’ good. What happens in Miami stays in Miami…right? 😉

Photo Credit: Carlo Bavagnoli/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Image

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