Joy & Mario Review

By Tim Savage

When you put on a pair of Joy & Mario shoes, the first word is comfort. They seem to become part of you. After the initial sensation of the new shoe had passed, I put them to the test. I walked all over the city. We went to bistros, a local music show & dinner. Every step of the way I felt the comfort of the shoe. That was only the beginning. People looked at me while I was walking & sitting. They were looking at the shoes.

The true test came when I wore the shoes to a business meeting. I crossed my legs & my shoes became the central topic of conversation. Where did you get them, are they comfortable, do they sell them here in town? It was awesome. I have not gotten this much attention about a pair of shoes since I traded a boombox for a pair of vintage cowboy boots. Life is good.

Guys, these shoes feel very masculine & relaxed at the same time. You might want to have a couple of pairs to change up with the outfit and keep it fresh. At this price point, you can do that.

About Joy & Mario

While their signature Espadrille line boasts light, muted earth tones that transition from lounging around in, to running around in for daytime brunches, lunches, and more, the J. Pierce collaboration, which was designed by the contemporary American artist himself, features pop, bold colors in fun and playful prints that are perfect for making a summer statement! Their Dave L. collaboration, created by Miami–based artist who also designs for the brand, is reflective of the surf lifestyle and natural marine environment for which he surrounds himself in. Additionally, Joy & Mario is a socially responsible and only uses natural glues and materials.

Dave L. is a Miami based artist that currently designs shoes for Joy & Mario.  Painting is probably the best way for Dave to express his love for art and nature.  He loves the marine bio-diversity of the tropical surroundings in his hometown of Miami, Florida.  A big part of Dave’s lifestyle revolves around skateboarding and surfing.  It is through his paintings on skateboards and surfboards that he discovered his art to be a powerful representation of his appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

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