Claudia & Chris

A Miami Love Story

From Claudia,


Our story is unique and untold so far!!

Chris was out of a long term relationship and couldn’t find a match, I was out of a six years relationship not ended the best way .. so really thinking respect was something non-existent !!!
I was asked to blog about ways to meet people in Miami .. for a local magazine .. and since I hadn’t had to meet anyone for 6 years but just used to listen to my friend’s horror stories … was somewhat lost! So .. I started to think .. what r the ways? Club scene? Gym? Social media?

One of the ways was Tinder.. for me smth somewhat creepy  as I had heard from a friend he was setting up a different date every night and so on.. swiping left and right 

Well .. I set up a profile .. didn’t even know how it worked.. would surely only look and delete .. after the blog post …
Very first match .. a cute blonde guy from Ohio .. apparently not into partying, working too hard and somewhat too respectful to talk to a girl in a bar … we started to chat and the days went by.. we didn’t spend one second of the day not talking or snapping! 

We met in person .. and talked so much. Chris kept driving 2 hours back and forth from where he lived every other day .. and would respect me as much as nobody ever did!
We both were scared and cautious due to bad experiences .. but we could feel we had so much in common!

Claudia RomaniAlmost 9 months have gone by!
We live together .. we don’t spend a moment apart .. we went to 5 countries together .. the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Italy, U.K., Malta … we r soon going to visit Chris family in Ohio.
Our worlds r somewhat different but they r coming together .. we have big plans .. and every day get new ideas ..  we r learning to enjoy each other passions including watching Italian soccer .. or Chris hockey games .. listening to Romeo Santos (yes, an American guy can enjoy bachata ).. to Dj Khaled and Kodak black ..

Our future is together and we are so excited about everything that s coming our way and no matter the non-conventional way we met we are so grateful and blessed!
Pics by Erick Acuña

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