By Audra LaRay Pendry

Formula Drift is an experience unlike any other. The feel of the cars sliding around the track; the deafening sound of the engines from which you don’t want to cover your ears; the smell of burning rubber; the excitement of the crowd; the music blasting; the constant energy drinks – it all gets your heart pounding like never before.

I attended Formula Drift Atlanta in 2010 and attended once again in 2011. I could not even drive yet, but I got to walk around in a t-shirt advertising my brother’s race company “iCRAN Industries“; this year I will be wearing clothing for our company “Castle Entertainment” – the master brand for the Boca Babes Calendar and Castle Mag.  At the event I got to meet Vaughn Gittin Jr., Tanner Foust, Rhys Millen, and many more respected drivers.

I am absolutely ecstatic to attend Formula Drift this year in Orlando in June. I haven’t been in entirely too long, and now that I model and promote for car companies such as “Drift4TheCure”, “Dipmasters”, and “Cars and Coffee” – I can’t wait to expand my involvement in the racing community even more through my attendance to Formula Drift 2015.

By Greyson Pendry

Uncharted Territory: Formula D comes to Orlando, Florida!

Elite drivers, six-figure race cars, and pretty women can be found at just about any race event – the main difference being the rules. Racers must enter every turn sideways and smoke their tires as if the cops are in hot pursuit. At this level of competition, each pass appears disastrous from the stands, as it is critical the opponents must stay less than 3 feet off of one another throughout each lap. This style of racing is called ‘drifting’ and it is insane. The only thing more insane than the racing is the party, which conveniently takes place all day before the event, and all night of the race. If this doesn’t peak your interest, you might be dead.

Considering that Orlando Speed World has never hosted a spectacle such as Formula D, this chapter of the circuit has been dubbed ‘Uncharted Territory’.  All of the drivers will have limited time to become acquainted with the obstacles of the track. Orlando Speed World hosts a track far larger than the forgotten Central Florida Racing Complex (CFRC), which used to be home to many local drifters. With no prior driver experience on the layout of the track, this event is sure to be remembered.

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