I am a Fashion Model and I Voted for Donald Trump

By: Audra LaRay Pendry

What words do you usually hear describe Donald Trump? I guess it depends on who you ask, but the words from the liberal media will have you believing that Donald Trump is a sexist & anti-christ that belongs to the “He-Man Women Haters Club”. So why would a female college student/model vote for him?

He is not a career politician. He is different than any nominee we’ve seen since Reagan. If we were to elect a career politician we would just get more of the same thing – and if we know anything from Trump’s numbers, it’s that the American people definitely don’t want more of the same thing.

He has restored our right to free speech. One of the first things Trump said on the campaign trail was that he was not going to be politically correct. This has allowed millennials, who have grown up in a world thinking that the world will end if you hurt somebody’s feelings, to say what we want to say. So what if Trump insults someone? So what if Trump calls somebody out? So what if Trump says what he thinks? I would rather have a president without a filter than a president that tiptoes around the truth.

He knows how to make money. This may seem a bit vain at first, but hear me out. I am not just a model, I am a business student. I think everyone can agree that if Trump knows anything, it is money. Democrats attack his bankruptcy (which was of a business he owned, not personal bankruptcy), but I think this only makes his case stronger. America is a business. It is a business that is bankrupt and in debt. Trump may be one of the only people who can even have a shot at getting our nation out of debt. Anyone who can take $1 million dollars and turn it into $10 billion dollars should absolutely be given the chance to take a swing at our deficit; he sure as hell can’t make it any worse.

He has made history already. Trump defeated sixteen candidates and also obtained the most votes in republican primary history – even more than Ronald Reagan. It definitely seems that the people have spoken.

He is not afraid to identify the problem. Every time something bad happens in this country Obama tiptoes around the truth. If you don’t identify the problem, there is no way of solving it. There is also the classic saying of, “If you talk about a problem without offering a solution, you are part of the problem.” When something bad happens, Trump states that his condolences go out to those affected and then goes straight into identifying the problem and saying what he will do to fix it.

Trump Knows Money. Trump knows business. Trump identifies the problem. The official United States population is 321.42 million. The unemployment rate is up to 4.9%. If you do the math, that means that around 15,749,580 Americans are unemployed. How is that okay? Trump identified the problem that many jobs were going to undocumented employees (specifically from Mexico) because they can be paid less. It is kind of like when your business is being robbed, and you don’t have enough supply to meet the demand anymore. If your business is being robbed, you’d install a security system, right? Well, that’s what the wall is. America is bankrupt, and when your business is bankrupt, what you have to do is close up shop or declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Since we can’t exactly close America, we have to declare Ch. 11 Bankruptcy and shut things down until we have the problem under control. We’re shutting down that part of our “business” to gain control of this terrorism. x

He has good morals. Trump is honest. He doesn’t lie to us like the majority of other politicians, especially the Democratic nominee. He is a man of his word. He has a wonderful, successful family. He is the type of person many business students and people in business idolize. He is someone to be looked up to. He has never had a sip of alcohol and he has never smoked a cigarette. He states that therefore, nothing ever impairs his judgment. I don’t know of many politicians you can say that about.

If Hillary gets elected, my degree will be worthless. I am about to graduate with an International Business degree in Spring 2017. Trump wants trade deals to be made and our alliances overseas to strengthen. Hillary does not know how to handle business overseas. We can look at Trump’s track record and see that he absolutely knows how to handle business overseas. I cannot imagine what Hillary will do to trade and foreign relations.

This election will directly affect every single American citizen, one way or the other. We have someone on one side who we know is corrupt and has made Americans lose their life when the decision was in her hands. We have Trump on the other side, who is successful, intelligent, and is not at all a criminal – he’s just a little politically incorrect. You choose. I already have.

I am a model, college student, and a millennial – and I am more than ready for Trump to Make America Great Again.

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