In Thaikila You Feel Free

When you wear Thaikila you feel free, like the beach is now a celebration. The fit of the swimwear is comfortable and wears well in the water and just laying on the sand. When I was walking off the beach for a shrimp taco and sweet tea, there were more that a couple people who commented on how they liked what I was wearing & where I got it.

– Sandi

More about Thaikila…

THAIKILA unveils its debut swimwear collection marking the much-anticipated next stage evolution and re-branding of the widely popular international swimwear line formerly known as Blue Glue. The new brand name was chosen to evoke the collection’s festive celebration of ultra feminine beach fashion set in an exotic tropical paradise. The collection showcases a dazzling array of pieces with effervescent Asian patterns and handcrafted details of beading, shells and ribbons; the classically elegant, essential, and all-around flattering All Black collection and Nude collection; Azul, inspired by beautiful blue tones found in Portuguese azulejos; Byzance, a profusion of golden shades that enriches skin complexion with hand-stitched crochet details; Favela, an explosion of the bright, beautiful colors of Brasil; Flamingo, a confluence of pinks and greens as an amorous ode to nature; Kaleido, an artful assembly of patterns and colors in classical cuts; Malibu, in reversible neoprene with embroidered edging  to frame the neon shades of California’s perpetual summer.

According to founder and company CEO, French designer Marie Laure Becquelin, “Blue Glue was truly our incubator brand, allowing us to gradually develop and nurture the core concept. Under that original name, we spent years carefully honing the signature aesthetic of the collection, discovering what modern women need from their swimwear, strengthening our company infrastructure, building our teams, designing our Loft workplace, opening the production unit in-house, and creating the brick-and-mortar as well as digital space to host the line. THAIKILA symbolizes the line’s culmination of everything we’ve done to deliver superior style and quality in swimwear.”

THAIKILA is manufactured from fine quality materials such as its recycled and luxuriously soft micro-fiber Lycra that envelopes the body like a caress. Its many unique features also provides additional benefits such as quick drying properties and resistance to water, sand accumulation, and color fading under prolonged exposure to sun, salt water or chlorine. It also allows for the best quality print, pattern and color variations on either side of the fabric, making the pieces reversible. Ultra light, it comfortably stretches and conforms to the body like second skin and is used for both the shell and lining. Ingenuity and innovation in design are evident in the adjustable neck ties as well as cups and padding that precisely match each size and cut, providing invisible support even in the removable paddings in the reversible pieces. Each piece in the collection is manufactured with the highest standards of technical precision such as laser cutting, ultra sonic welding, molding, embossing, heat pressing, digital printing, and with a special elastic that withstands water, oil, chlorine and other corrosive agents. The THAIKILA Collection retails from $29 to $195 in Women’s small to extra large, expectant mothers, toddlers, and teens, and available online at or at Blue Glue and specialty boutiques nationwide and in over a hundred countries in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia.

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