By Martina Tasevska 

I met Lisu Vega when she was starting out her business out of her apartment years ago. I always loved and supported her work. She is a good friend and inspiration to me. Her story is very honest and her creativity endless. As a model I had the pleasure to work on several projects with Vega, starting with her first campaign for the Eco Art Collection, her debut showcase at a Miami International Fashion Week, “The Golden Rule” art project in collaboration with photographer Christin Paige Minnotte and our latest collaboration on creating the lookbook for her last collection “The Beast”.
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Miami-born contemporary artist and fashion designer Lisu Vega grew up in a little town Maracaibo in Venezuela where, she says, used to watch her grandma do alterations and her grandfather run his textile store. In her early years she learned how to sew and experiment with fabrics. Being petite, Vega says, it was challenging finding clothes in her size so she started creating her own unique pieces by hand using different textiles and materials. “I like to experiment in fashion, I see life in colors, sparkly and bright so I started creating my own prints and textiles for my own art projects” she says. Vega has dedicated herself to create her own particular pattern and design in all of her collections inspired by art, music and life.

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Photo by Christin Paige Minotte

Vega’s latest collection”The Beast”SS/2015 was successfully launched during New York Fashion Week. Inspired by the infamous “Death Train” used by the US bound Central American migrants trying to quickly traverse the length of Mexico. “It was very emotional creating this collection”, Vega says. Millions of people leave their homes and families in Latin America behind to pursue their dreams in the United States. Being 11 years in the country, Vega remembers her life in Maracaibo and how she used to sew everything by hand. The headpieces for this collection she made them all by hand. They symbolize the human brain.

Everything about the Beast is dramatic and full with emotions, Vega says.

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Photo by Christin Paige Minotte

Vega’s inspirations and ideas never stop flowing. In every life situation she is looking for signs and moments that inspires her. These days Lisu Vega is working on her new collection called “The history of my eyes” inspired by an emotional, frightening moment that happened to her recently after the NYFW. “So many things happen at the very short period of time”, she says. Being under so much pressure and stress during at that time she started feeling pain in her eyes. At her visit at the doctor’s office she came up with an idea for her new collection. The red flash light and the picture they took of her eyes were the signs that inspire her to start working. This time she is working on something very different, she says.  Her focus is to change the shapes and create a classic signature mark announcing the beginning of new different Lisu Vega.
At the moment Vega is putting the final touches to her art collection for the Art Fashion Weekend this February. She is very excited because this is her first collaboration with her husband Juan Henriquez. They will show their art and designs on the “Liquid Bridge” runway at the Chill Concept on February 12, starting at 7pm.

Mother, Wife, Designer and Entrepreneur Lisu Vega says that working in fashion is not easy but with hard work and dedication you can realize your dreams. Her secret is that being honest, original and supportive can open many doors in your life. Vega’s work has been recognized with editorials in many magazines, her collections have been showcased in major fashion and art events such as MIami International Fashion Week, Fashion’s  Night out, 24 Hours Cotton and NYFW. She is the winner of the Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform Competition that took place during MFW 2014 becoming the head designer of Eastern Airlines.



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