Virtual reality and 3D technology. It all seems so futuristic and advanced, doesn’t it? It is actually right at our fingertips and more accessible than one thought! Recently I was presented with the opportunity to model for a new product coming out called “ceekars“. They are an advanced pair of headphones designed specifically for real-time audio. When Next Galaxy’s CEO Mary Spio first emailed me about an opportunity to model for some headphones I had no idea the level of technology I was getting involved in! I got to try and model the oculus- a virtual reality platform which can place you in a 3D theater, the cardboard goggles designed to put your galaxy phone in, and the ceekars headphones- which come wireless or with a cord and controller set.
I never saw myself being involved in such an innovative product other than enjoying it on display at some electronic store. I arrived to the shoot, was introduced to the team and the product, then it was all she wrote. We continued to shoot all day long, changing locations and laughing and enjoying each others company. None of us had anticipated¬† such a long day, but I am pretty sure we didn’t mind one bit! That shoot is definitely going down in the books under “epic shoots”. I think I made some lifetime friends/business partners that day and am excited for what the future has in store for us!

Ceekars Virtual Reality Headset Miami Photo Shoot
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