By Audra Pendry

Being a model, I am constantly being asked what my diet plan is and how I stay “so thin and fit”, my fitness plan is in an article to follow, but for now here is my diet plan.  What I am going to say is not what you’re going to expect. I eat anything and everything. If I want junk food, I eat junk food. If I want sweets, I eat sweets. I was raised in a family of athletes, and since I’ve been training since three years old as well, we always had a high protein diet.

Being Italian, we definitely have our fair share of carbs; but we always balance it out with a lot of protein. My brother, when trying to bulk up, eats one gram of protein per pound of what he wants to weigh. What you’re supposed to do to get an accurate amount of protein for your body is 1.4 x your weight. For example, mine is (1.4 x 96 lbs) = 134.4. I am supposed to eat 134.4 grams of protein a day to keep my muscle structure in tact. That’s a lot!

We had trouble finding how to intake so much protein, but believe it or not, your typical candy bar with peanut butter has about 20g of protein. In every egg, there is 4 grams. In a filet of salmon, flounder, or tilapia, there’s 22 grams. Add a soy protein smoothie in there and you’re all set (I use soy so that it doesn’t have that gritty feel). Eat a lot of seafood, lean chicken breast, and eggs to keep your muscles toned and your body functioning at its best and highest level.

Any excess protein that is eaten and not used toward muscle function is turned into energy. So, as my Sicilian mother would say, MANGIA (eat)!


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Also, We finally calling it a night after a very long and successful day shooting the‪#‎bocababescalendar‬ with all of these awesome people! Considering this was about half of the full group, it’s safe to say that this is going to be one hell of a ride!

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