Rebecca J. Brock is an international model and actress. After attending Penn State University, she travelled around the world, settling in Miami Beach. In her 20 years in the business, Rebecca has been featured in hundreds of catalogs and commercials and has been on the cover of several magazines. In 1999 Rebecca joined the Screen Actors Guild.

In 2013 Rebecca started her own image consulting business. The self dubbed ‘Style Guru’, Rebecca helps people to find their own style and regain their self confidence. “I realized I had so much experience with fashion that I could help people. How you dress speaks volumes about who you are.”

Rebecca’s latest venture is a dating advice column which came about serendipidously. “I got divorced 7 years ago and was thrust back on the dating scene. With little experience and no road map, I came face to face with the profane, absurd, ridiculous and everything in between. I decided to find humor in it and started writing about my experiences.” The popularity of her cheeky advice lead her to start writing her first book untitled “The Savvy Single Girl: An Uber Chic Guide to Dating Men and Navigating Life”.  “I’m tired of women bemoaning the fact that they are single. Embrace your freedom, being single is not a disease!”

Rebecca is a mother to three boys, and feels totally outnumbered. Raising boys has given her a special insight into the male mind because “Men are really just boys…only bigger.”

When Rebecca is not with her boys, at an audition, or writing on her computer, you can find her jogging on the beach or out on the town. 

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