By Viviana Gabeiras

SPRING 2015 “COLOR ME CANDY” INSPIRED BY BURANO ISLAND, VENICE, ITALY By Viviana GabeirasThe Little Island that made me felt “I was in heaven”

Who would think that my trip to this enchanted, tiny, colorful, little island will bring me such a joy and colorful inspiration for my next collection, Spring/Summer 2015; nothing else after that did mattered, neither did I feel afraid of expressing myself.

I can’t help but to have feelings of admiration for the people of Burano, not only in creating and keeping the island but for their way of living virtually in happiness, peace, color and love. I felt like what it could happen if I leave behind everything and live this life?

My reaction was not other but to express and explode in color, to bring to you Burano, and transmit you through my collection what I saw and felt.

Burano are really five little islands joined by bridges where you see the waters running through the channels and you can see the reflection of the colorful small houses into the waters. The legend said that fishermen painted their houses in different colors for them to see from far away when fishing. While the ladies embroider, seating and laughing, children playing as free as you can imagine, multicolored flowers balconies, all you can see was color and peace, and I said to myself  “I am in Paradise”!

Lace making is part of what keeps Burano alive. The women are expert since the 1400’s passing to generation after generation. Leonardo da Vinci himself visited the island and bought the famous lace used on the altar at the Duomo di Milano. Thanks to the craft, the island grew economically, and became well known, keeping their now 3000 inhabitants predominantly farmers, fishermen, embroiders, and fantastic handcrafters.

Using bright and neon colors, happy colorful prints that resembles everything around the island and mixing everything together: colors, patterns, their handcrafted work, flowers and selecting playful silhouettes, “Color me Candy” collection was created to bring Burano lifestyle to you and make you feel as happy as they are.

For my own surprise after all was put together, I brought to life most of today’s predicted trends in fashion. We are a brand that mixed around the casual sport with a chic lifestyle, a big trend, then the bright colors with neon accents, the swing playful printed skirts, which they are to play a big statement in this spring 2015 season; the prints becoming another important factor, some big and bold, handcrafted inspirations also will be highlighted in the season, sheerness in all kind of fabrics, and of course we are predominantly a mesh company and all sheer and soft fabrics.

And here I am giving you a resume of the biggest trends for spring 2015:

  • Decorative Tassels
  • Transparent, especially full skirts
  • Athletic inspirations
  • The waist becoming an accent, the cropped square high waist top
  • The summer suede

  • Navy is the new black
  • Culottes or also known as wide leg cropped pants
  • Bold prints, big floral
  • Kimono style belt
  • Cut out shoulders details
  • Seventies Style

Remember live happy, live in color, express yourself! And this is a true story in The Real Life of Viviana G!

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