Fashion has gotten a bad rap lately. It’s seen as frivolous, materialistic, and downright shallow. Caring too much about what you look like is considered vain. I say…..…HOGWASH! How you dress speaks volumes about who you are, and your image is a reflection of how you see/feel about yourself. Caring about the way you present yourself shows that you have respect for yourself and for others.
When I hear the word ‘stylish’ what comes to mind is a person dressing well in order to feel good about oneself. It’s not about having a six-figure budget for your wardrobe. Think about this; if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you -as a multidimensional being- are ‘speaking’ thousands more words without even opening your mouth! My job as an Image Consultant is to help my clients stop making the same fashion mistakes over and over again. Step up and become your best self….Knowledge is power, and it’s time you stop making these mistakes!
10. Not having enough information about where you are going
Take the time to do a little research before you embark on going virtually anywhere. For example, for an intimate dinner party it’s important to know the dress code. Cocktail attire? Casual? Swimwear? Most hosts/hostesses don’t mind answering a simple email or text especially if it can make their guests feel more at ease. Find out what type of gathering you will be attending…you simply would not wear the same thing to a Super Bowl party that you would to a semi-formal birthday/anniversary party. Imagine showing up to a pool/bbq party dressed up in a gown or tuxedo? You really don’t want to stand out (not in that way at least)- or worse-be uncomfortable. It’s not classy to constantly be making excuses for how you are dressed. Do your research and show up wearing….exactly what you should be wearing.
9. Thinking that a label is important
No one can see your label on the inside or your clothing. Unless you take your clothes off of course! (I have some different advice for that! Ha) But seriously, you might be paying extra for the designer name on the label that no one will ever see. Granted, many designers make far superior pieces with upscale fabric and fabulous designs which fit better than non-designer clothing. You are paying extra for their area of expertise. But if you don’t truly love the piece you’re wearing and are buying for the label…you’re buying it for the wrong reasons.
8. Wearing the wrong size
Just like no one can see the label, no one can see what size you are! If you’re a perfect size 8 trying to squeeze yourself into a size 6, you will be uncomfortable for the entire evening. And wearing a size smaller will not make you appear smaller…in fact the spill over can actually make you seem bigger. Buy clothes in your size and breathe. If the size really bothers you…..then get yourself to the gym or just simply cut the size tag out. You’ll thank me. Also, an item of clothing that is too big will also look unflattering. Find a good tailor and custom fit your clothes to your body. Everyone’s body type is different.
7. Not putting comfort above everything else
No matter how cute that dress is, or how great it looked on Blake Lively, if it’s not comfortable- it can never be a viable wardrobe staple. This reminds me of an adorable dress I bought at Barney’s a few years ago that I loved and just had to have. Unfortunately, the inside was scratchy and caused an uncomfortable itch which made me miserable. This oh-so-cute dress didn’t last long in my closet-let me tell you! Being fashionable should not cause any discomfort! This is of the upmost importance…it will help you be at ease so your sparkling personality can shine through.
6. Being a copycat
Granted, that unnamed celebrity looked super cool in head -to- toe Gucci monogramed suit. That singer you adore rocked that gown with the train. Yes, celebrities and entertainers can get away with outrageous outfits because of who they are. But you are not them. You are you. Find your own style and stick to it! Even copying a close friend’s outfit right down to the very last detail can make you look like you just have no fashion sense. You can take the elements you like about a look and make it your own.
5. Never getting rid of things
Every six months you need to do a closet detox. I always take everything out and what goes back in are tried and true pieces that fit well, are flattering, and have no stains or holes. Quality is better than quantity, and if you haven’t worn it in more than a year, it’s gotta go. Donate to a charity or consign the items for extra cash. It makes room for new fabulous pieces to make their way into your wardrobe.
4. Never updating your wardrobe
These days, everyone is on a budget. But you don’t need to break the bank in order to update your wardrobe. Every season (after you have cleared away the items you are not wearing) you need to buy a few new things. Before you go, make a list of the most important pieces you need to complete your wardrobe. Limit the amount of frivolous things you buy and stick with the staples. For example, investing in a flattering little black dress (that can be worn to the office or a night on the town) is smarter than buying that crazy printed dress you’ve fallen in love with. Prints can get ‘old’ -very fast! Or, investing in a simple flattering pair of trouser jeans might be smarter than buying those trendy shredded ones that have limited wearability.
3. Not dressing right for your body type
Not everyone has the body of a supermodel. Wearing an item that is just not flattering can be a big mistake. For example, that maxi sundress your friend wears who is 5’10” completely swallows your tiny petite frame. Instead, go for a short sundress to show off your well-toned legs! And those skinny jeans that your beanpole- type friend wears so nicely makes your hips look ten times wider. Instead, choose a great bootcut jeans to balance out your curves. Pick the body part you like about yourself the most and show it off! Whether it’s your amazing cleavage or well toned arms, it’s important to show off your best asset.
2. Over accessorizing
Sometimes less is more. Having an overload of accessories can be extremely distracting and can take away from your overall look. Let the outfit shine through, as the very definition of an accessory is something added to make it appear more attractive. For example, if you’re wearing a great statement belt, skip the long necklace. If you’re rocking those dangly earrings, you won’t need a necklace. If you’re sporting a great set of bangles, you don’t need that huge cocktail ring. I think you get my point, it’s all about balance.
1. Caring too much (or not enough) about what others think
Listen, everyone marches to the beat of their own drum. But there are certain things that you could wear that would show that you just have no respect for other people. For instance, wearing a sheer blouse with no bra to a conservative dinner party might completely offend your hostess. Or showing up to church in a super mini-skirt? I’m hoping you get the idea here. Know your audience and have enough respect to show up dressed appropriately or just stay home.
There is a flip side to every coin, and while it may sound like I’m contradicting myself, caring too much about what others think is just as detrimental. You are a unique being, and part of the fun and enjoyment of getting dressed is that it’s a way to show off your personality. If youlove that dress and it flatters your figure then….wear it! Confidence paired a genuine smile is -and always will be- your best accessory!
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