By Kareen Mallet

beautiful_minds_cardViviana Gabeiras is the creative mind behind Petit Pois, the colorful collection of mesh knits.

Kareen Mallet: How do you stay connected? Social sites? Gadgets?

Viviana Gabeiras: I am a magazine junky! I plead guilty on that.  Also, fashion books; I love flipping through the pages. I find many things this way that help me connect and learn. I also feel that by being totally devoted to fashion, my brand and all things trendy [or at least trying to keep up], helps me stay connected. Now-a-days, with the internet and social media at your fingertips, it makes it easier to find out any information you need. We are trying to keep all our forms of social media platforms parallel since our brand is very much a lifestyle brand and crosses over to a multitude of areas. This is very important because we are able to reach more, as each one of those platforms gives us a different aspect and followers.

KM: Can you tell us what inspired you to start Petit Pois? How do you get inspired every season?
VG: Petit Pois was created in a time of change; of new beginnings and necessities. It started as the hope of a dream.  Previously I launched and created Sweet Pea, and after I departed from my partnership, I found myself being asked to launch a new line and suddenly I was emerged in what was to become Petit Pois.

My inspiration comes from my own lifestyle—a combination of traveling, experiences associated with the places and people I interact with and the women of influence I meet along the way.  Designing for women makes them a very big part of this equation. Through all of this, I am collecting feelings, information, and trends which all get fused together as a brand new collection.  Oh, and music! Music adds that attitude, which every collection needs. The creation of a new collection is a process, step by step, especially when you want to bring in a new message.

KM: What is your favorite era?
VG: I love them all! I wish I could live and experience, first hand, each one of them. I believe every era has its own spark and magic.

KM: Best concert you’ve ever been to?
VG: OMG!  Amazing  ones;  Florence + the Machine, U2, Tina Turner  and of course Madonna.

KM: What is your personal style?
VG: My own personal style is funky chic, with an edge.  But almost always, somehow, my eclectic girly-girl comes out here and there. Being a true Gemini–two of me, in full force–you can imagine how it’s like.  Just ask my husband!

KM: Dead or alive, who would you like to party with?
VG:  I’ve always wanted to hang out with Madonna; she is the epitome of transformation. I’d love to have a conversation with Julia Roberts and Florence Welch and be BFF’s with Jean Paul Gaultier.

KM: Which celebrity would you go on a shopping date with?
VG: Hands down,  Gwen Stefani.

KM: What is your motto?
VG: Every day, I wake up, try to be a better version of yesterday’s self [evolve] and try to be a role model for girls and women. I strive to make my family proud and give away a small piece of me with every collection, welcoming others to the fantasy world in which I live in! I want to reach the highest mountain! I am a dreamer!


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