What about fashion inspires you?

By Calvin Chandler / Instagram

Ever been asked that question and the thought of breaking down your inspiration just shatters your imagination into pieces of micro-pieces exposing the broadness of the initial question?  It’s like thinking about life in the broadest sense of existence, and hopefully I’m not the only one who’s imagination/inspiration is this unlimited.

Fashionable inspiration, for me, comes from places and moments that aren’t even related to fashion in the slightest bit.  Well.. for me, those “unrelated” moments of inspiration are related in the sense that I see art within nearly everything.  I can be dining at a restaurant and as I use some sauce of my liking, which is dispensed from a squeezable bottle, I instantly think of altering a pair of my jeans with splattered paint.  Man, I’ve drawn fashionable inspiration passing a homeless man with denim jeans that were torn ridiculously.  After borrowing a pair of scissors, I then went into a fitting room of Zumiez and cut the pants legs off my Levi 511’s.  That goes to say, inspiration is really random!  There isn’t a particular time of day or some sort of big red love-seat I sit on to draw inspiration.  It’s like wisdom; you can read a sentence or two that packs wise advise and it be absolutely plain-Jane words.  

My point is, like wisdom, inspiration just happens ..it’s like that lightbulb “ah ha!” moment.  It’s also like a burst of energy that’s equipped with an expiration date; if you don’t, at least, take note of the idea(s) that you’ve inherited then they’ll vanish in due time.  To be more precise and relative to my inspiration in fashion, I am inspired by those who are genuinely creative.  That goes for wardrobe outfits and designs, I have such great admiration for originality.  People such as Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Prince, just to name a few, are very original and creative fashionable beings.  There’s no surprise there though, seeing how such great artists they are.  I’m sure they’d tell you gents and lads as I’m telling you; don’t let your fashionable inspiration go to waste, be yourselves and be fearless.

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