By Kailey Magder

BLO Blow Dry Bar Midtown Miami

In my teens, I discovered that using my hair as a creative, rebellious outlet not only made me look cool, but it gave me a sense of change, a newness and a major boost of self confidence.  I wandered the old, dingy halls of my small town high school with my half shaved, pink and black, perfectly coifed hair and my head held high.  It made me who I was: “a raver.”  My hair enabled me to express myself in ways I never knew possible.  Instead of getting a tattoo or seeking unapproved ways to be heard, I dyed, bleached, and shaved my head biweekly or sometimes even weekly.  Sure I may have looked like an outcast but I felt free!  

With age, I’ve found that after a stressful week or a fast approaching event, I turn to my locks for a little self-esteem booster or makeover. At times, I would even go as far as using bleach.  Sometimes it would work out and I loved it. Sometimes it didn’t, but that was the best part.

Through the years, for one reason or another, I always took pride in the way my hair looked. If I was having a good hair day, my overall attitude would follow suit.  Not until recently have I begun to understand the importance and the meaning behind it. For this reason, after a stint in the fashion industry, I opened up a blow dry bar with my older sister, Sandi. To some, this may be a confusing concept.  Often I get asked, “so, you JUST do blow drys?” Followed by a very confused look.  I explain that women have busy lives, difficult hair or not enough time. They not only want, but also need to feel good about their appearance.  To some, it may seem vain. But at the end of the day for women and most men, looking good enhances their mood.   Yes, you can have the perfect ombré or a great cut, but it’s how you style it that counts.

Enter BLO – a magical space that transforms your otherwise disastrous ‘do into a runway ready, magazine worthy mane.  I believe that our stylists are your “hair-apists.”  You can’t blo yourself. And even if you think you can, it will still never be the way our “BLOers” can do it.  It’s an art form, and in Miami, it’s serious work.  Thanks to them, you walk in feeling overwhelmed with life but leave with enough confidence to take on whatever meeting, event, party or man you have coming your way.  

If you don’t believe me, my blow dry bar – BLO Blow Dry Bar Midtown Miami, will make you a believer and without a doubt, BLO you away. 

Kailey Magder

Franchise Partner

BLO Blow Dry Bar Midtown Miami

3301 NE 1st Ave, Suite #102

Miami, Florida 33137

786.373.5BLO (5256)

Monday to Wednesday 10am to 7pm

Thursday to Saturday 10am to 9pm

Sunday 11am to 6pm

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