By Roxana Lynch

Photos: Johnny Villaronga  – Humberto Vidal – Roxana Lynch

Hi Miami lovers!

My name is Roxana Lynch and I am a headwear designer, focusing mainly on hair and body couture jewelry. 

As you know, this week, from the 5th to the 9th of November, we celebrated the Funkshion Miami Fashion Week. During this eclectic event, designers, stars and artist came together to see and learn from the industry leaders who presented the best in current hair and beauty trends.

I was invited to collaborate as a guest designer with Leonardo Rocco, Miami-based hair artist and TV personality as he commemorated the 10th anniversary of his beauty salon. His anniversary was once again marked with his signature show, The Miami Hair & Beauty Fashion. 

Miami Hair and Beauty Fashion 2014. #MHBF2014 Opening  Funskhion 2014. 05_byHumbertoVidal

Every period in history has had a distinctive fashion style reflective of the social, political and economic trends of the prevailing era. With this idea in mind, Leonardo carefully chose his many muses to represent this concept.

The theme and name of his show this year was “Decade” to represent the occasion. “Década” in Spanish, offers an exploration through time where we can appreciate original, powerful and sophisticated fashion trends that have changed the world.

The periods from the 1920’s to the present along with an unexpected jump to the future were gracefully interpreted by celebrities from head to toe, always focusing the accent on the iconic hair styles of the times. 

The audience was surprised and delighted by a “vanguardist” oval hair sculpture, which articulated Leonardo Rocco’s fashion forward vision of how hair can be styled in the year 3000.

Miami Hair and Beauty Fashion 2014. #MHBF2014 Opening  Funskhion 2014. 09_byHumbertoVidal

Through brainstorming with him I developed the concept of representing Royalty through a portrayal of a Princess with a futuristic, sleek crown. I designed a multi-functional headpiece with pointy arched ends that could be styled in two different ways including the classic one and alternatively, upside down. This upside down option gave us the twist of achieving a more feline look. 

Miami Hair and Beauty Fashion 2014. #MHBF2014 Opening  Funskhion 2014.

This created a vision of the human-animal mutant imagery that has always been associated with the future in movies such as “The Simian Planet” “X-Men” or “Avatar”, were human beings are endowed with animal species characteristics.

Miami Hair and Beauty Fashion 2014. #MHBF2014 Opening  Funskhion 2014. 11_byRoxanaLynch

With clean wired work lines and crystals my goal was to maintain an aristocratic flavor from the past but infusing the work with an additional aspect projecting it forward in time. I wanted to tell a story with the crown. I included esthetics and cherished elements from our past who could tell where we came from; but also, included visual codes to provide some clues as to where we are heading in the future. 

Miami Hair and Beauty Fashion 2014. #MHBF2014 Opening  Funskhion 2014. 12_byRoxanaLynch

Less is more… and even in the future I suppose that may still be my motto. 

Remember that the most important thing is always to stay true to who you are and to project it. Fashion is a magnificent way to express yourself and my mission is try to help you in how to achieve it fabulously. Beauty is everywhere and lives in all of us. Bring it inside out and show it every time you can. You don’t know who’s day you can enlighten or who you can empower with that simple but transforming action. 

Roxana Lynch

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